The Alumni of Helderberg College of Higher Education remain valued stakeholders in this institution. The College sees their Alumni as an integral part of the institution as they are ambassadors for the institution wherever in the world they find themselves.

Alumni Chapters launched locally and internationally are as follows:

South Africa:

  1. Gauteng has two chapters:
    • Northern Conference Chapter
    • Trans-Orange Chapter
  2. Cape Town Chapter
  3. Kwazulu Natal Chapter


  1. Chattanooga Chapter
  2. Washington Chapter

Alumni across the globe are encouraged to keep in touch with each other and most importantly, with their Alma Mater.

The Alumni slogan speaks for itself:

It is by Connecting that we are able to share. It is by Sharing that we are able to  grow. Growing enables giving. Giving results in super successful projects which are sustainable and which add value to the institution. Let us Connect, Share, Grow and Give as we move Helderberg College of Higher Education onto higher ground. Let us also glorify God who has given us the ability and the tools to carry out His great commission, by winning souls for His Kingdom.

The Development and Advancement team is another very important body to the College, in that it aims to help all parties deliver quality education, employment opportunities for students, improved infrastructure at the campus, and of course to continue to add to the spiritual life of all of Helderberg’s family.

Pako Mokgwane

Helderberg College of Higher Education prepared me in a big way for my current role as General Conference Associate Youth Ministries Director. The rich ethnic and racial diversity of the College taught me cultural intelligence. At one point of my stay on HCHE campus, over seventy (70) nationalities were represented. One of my responsibilities is to travel to different countries, which exposes me to a variety of cultures. This interaction involves different languages, traditions, practices and systems. The success of these interactions determines whether the General Conference Youth Ministries’ agenda I is accepted or not. I am truly grateful for the global village prototype that HCHE was for me.

Adrianna Songa

I graduated with a BBA Management degree from Helderberg College of Higher Education in 2014. I have now completed my Masters in Finance from the University of Aveiro, Portugal and am currently working at Bank BNP Paribas, Lisbon, Portugal. Helderberg introduced me to God in an uncompromising manner and taught me to involve him throughout my daily routines. My efforts towards academic excellence were just the cherry on the cake.  Once I understood that, my life was never the same till this very day. Thank you Helderberg for the re-introduction to real Adventism and academic excellence as a whole.

Aubrey John de Villiers

Helderberg College of Higher Education was a blessing to me as it taught me to deal with life’s challenges and to accept the things that I cannot change – yet to change the things that I can. It exposed me to many different cultures and mindsets and helped me understand the immense depth of what God has in store for us in this life, as well as to have hope for a better life when He comes to take us home. God has guided me to understand how great His love is for humanity. and has instilled this love in me. Helderberg College is a place to experience life for what it truly is.