Campus Life


Life at Helderberg College of Higher Education isn’t just about books. It’s about experiencing a full and satisfying student life. Here are the many ways you can connect with your peers, the community, and unwind from a busy day.  

Balance in student life is vital for an all-round College experience. The gymnasium, which is open to students and staff, provides a variety of cardiovascular machines as well as free weights and weight training equipment. The gym also offers a sports hall in which you can play organized and spontaneous games of basketball, indoor football, badminton and other sports. If being outside is more interesting to you, the mountains, on and outside of the campus offer hiking, while a swimming pool, two tennis courts and a soccer field are available to all. And when you want a little light fun, the Student Centre gives just that with a communal lounge and snooker tables.


Whether it’s a quick snack or a square meal you’re looking for, our Cafeteria will ensure that at Helderberg College of Higher Education your body is nourished, as well as your mind. The Cafeteria offers a balanced and delicious menu based on a plant-based lifestyle. We accept payment methods from cash to student cards, from credit cards to the mobile payment app Zapper. So, your eating needs can be taken care of – whenever you get the munchies. Don’t forget to try our delicious new pizza oven specials!


The College provides a safe environment where students are encouraged to grow spiritually and ethically, to experience personal and social growth, to develop a pattern of healthy living, and to achieve academic excellence.

Click here for more information on Helderberg College of Higher Education and the Seventh-day Adventist Church.


All campus challenges are handled through the staff or through our democratically elected Student Representative Council. Being part of the SRC will give you experience in leadership. The SRC also allows all students the opportunity to voice their concerns.


The Pieter Wessels Library will form an important part of your life as a student. Friendly librarians are always there to help you with any of your research questions. The library has an impressive collection of general reference books, theology reference books, ancient language books, and Combrinck Collection material.

There are, of course, many books on mainly academic topics for you to borrow from the library.

We give you access to a variety of databases, which will allow you to use current journal articles in your assignments.

Copies of your textbooks are also available in the reserve section at the front desk for you to use in the library.

Come and visit us often!

Library hours are:

Monday – Thursday: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Friday: 8:00 am – 12:30 pm
Sunday: 3:00 – 6:00 pm.


We are proud to offer you a campus-wide network which means that all of our buildings have wireless access. The College has three computer laboratories where you can use the internet, do homework or have computer-based lectures. You are also able to use your own devices in most of the buildings on campus.  

We offer students unlimited internet data on their private devices and computer lab machines.

Social media networking is limited on the lab computers, although you can still access social media sites on your private devices. We also try our best to block malicious and harmful sites throughout the campus.


Helderberg’s philosophy is anchored in excellence in education, an attitude of service, and a sense of mission to the world, which is why serving our community is so very important.

At Helderberg College of Higher Education we promote active citizenship, which means that our staff and students must become relevant and responsive, civically engaged and committed to social change.

For this reason, we include the Service Learning module. This module requires 20 – 40 hours during the semester, and can be done within a community or together with an agency or NGO, with which the College has an arrangement.

This active part of learning benefits you in three ways:  you grow spiritually and morally; you learn much from the module material itself, and you impact the community immediately, as well as into the future.