Google Drive File Sharing

HBC Gmail has a maximum 25 MB (Megabyte) size limit for attachments. Gmail also does not allow you to share certain files, like executables.

On the other hand, Google drive you can share just about any file or folder, and you can also choose whom to share with.

 1. Login to your Google Apps account (eg, HBC Email).

2. Open your Google Drive window, from the Apps square in the top right corner.



3. From this window you should see all the files and folders you have previously synchronised. Click on any file or folder you wish to share with someone.

Now, right click the file or folder, and click Share.



4. You can start entering names or email addresses into the People field.



5. As soon as something is entered into the People field, the box will change. It will reveal further options:

  1. Choose what rights or access these people will have. They can either edit or just view the files or folders.
  2. Add a note or comment. The note will appear in each email sent to the people, and could be a list of instructions. The note or message is not compulsary, you do not have to include it.
  3. If you wish to notify the people, select this box. An email will be sent to each person with the link of the shared data.


When complete click the Send button.



If you wish to share with more people, groups or the entire campus, select the Advanced link. This will open the advanced settings.

By default, access is set to private, and only you have access to the file or folder. Select the Change link to configure more options.



7. Choose an option. For example, if you select “On – Helderberg College“, this will allow anyone with a valid Helderberg College email account to access that file or folder.


Once you are complete with your selection, click the Save button. This will take you back to the previous screen where you can choose previous settings. Once complete, click send.


Below is a video on how to share files or folders with Google Drive: