Information Technology Services


Please read these rules, they are VERY important to follow when using the Helderberg College network and electronic services: 

Never plug any device into the network. Besides your laptop, computer, phone, tablet, never plug any device like a network switch, ADSL router, or Wifi Access Point into the Helderberg College Network. Please check with the IT Services department first. 

Do not share your password(s) with anyone. You alone are responsible for your access details. If your account is implicated in a crime, activity, or incident on campus, it can lead to suspension and termination of that account. It could lead to further sanctions for the user as well. 

When on the internet or intranet, treat others as you wish them to treat you. We do not tolerate defamation, cyberbullying, scamming, hacking, hate speech, spamming, or any form of cybercrime. 

You can download the Helderberg College Computer & Electronic Services Policy by clicking here.