Learn to Backup

Helderberg College recommends using Google Drive, One Drive or Drop Box.

These will allow you to backup your data online and also keep a copy of the data on your computer. As Helderberg uses Google Apps, we suggest using Google Drive as our education subscription has unlimited space and will not cost you any extra money. It is also associated with your HBC email account, so you do not have to remember another password.

A very good practice, is to not use your Google Drive occasionally backup your data. Instead, install Google Drive on your computer or laptop, and save your documents and important files under that location. So, instead of saving your documents under your documents folder, save them under your Google Drive folder. In this way you will not have to remember to backup, as whatever is saved under Google Drive, is automatically uploaded to your online Google Drive (and therefore backed up). Just make sure you have internet access so that Google Drive (or whichever online backup solution you use).

Flash Drives or Memory Sticks: These are fine for general storing of temporary file, but DO NOT use them as your only source for particular important files. They will fail you at the worst possible moment, so please do not use them as your only backup option.

Hard Drives or Solid State Drives (SSD): A normal drive in your computer is considerably more stable and reliable to backup your data than a Flash Drive. Adding an extra drive or just keeping your files on your computer is much better than relying on a Flash Drive. Of course, if you can afford to lose your data to fire, theft or drive failure, then this option is fine. If not, also use an online location.

For more information on Google Drive, please see our section on Google Drive.