Helderberg College of Higher Education (HCHE) provides the best of both worlds with Google and Microsoft.

For Email, we use Google Mail (Gmail). Your Google for Education account has unlimited storage space for email and Google Drive.

Through Microsoft, and as a registered student, we provide Office 365 and password recovery.

Please follow the steps below to setup your Email and Online Portal access:


In your internet browser, go to

If you are on your phone when doing this, do NOT use the Microsoft Office App. Please use your browser first. You can use your app once the password and security setup is complete

    STEP 2

    Sign in to

    Enter your email address & temporary password provided to you in your HCHE ITS welcome email.

      STEP 3

      Once you sign in, you need to link your cell/mobile to your account, and setup three security questions.

      You will be able to use this to reset your forgotten password.

        Phone number
          Security Questions
            STEP 4

            Once you are signed into, if you wish you can now use various services provided by Microsoft.

              STEP 5 (EMAIL ACCESS)

              In your internet browser, go to

              Sign in with your HCHE email address

                New password 

                  Accept the Google agreement if it is your first time using your email account


                      STEP 6 Student Manager Portal (SMP)

                      SMP access has been changed to your email address. It will be the same password, but just the email address has now been changed.

                      During your registration as a new student, you would have used SMP to add your personal details and access your modules.

                      Your previous username to access SMP was your personal email address. This has now been changed to your email address.

                      Please signin to SMP to test that it is working.

                        OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION
                        1. MICROSOFT OFFICE:

                        All registerered students have access to Microsoft Office 365. With your email address and password, you can access various applications provided by Microsoft. These include MS Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint and Outlook. You can have up to five simultaneous installations of Office 365.

                        Please see this link for further information:

                          2. GOOGLE APPS:

                          HCHE uses Google for email. Going to and signing in with your email address and password provides access to unlimited storage. Google Drive is also a good idea for backing up your data.

                            3. GOOGLE CLASSROOM:

                            Many lecturers use Google Classrom for distributing module and course information to students. This can be accessed directly when you are logged into, or by going to

                              4. INTERNET:

                              Internet is provided in the Helderberg College Computer Lab. Use your email address and password to access the computers. The campus also provides free access for your personal mobile, pc, mac or laptop. Just use these wireless networks: “HCHE” or “Anne Visser” or “Salisbury”.

                                5. MOODLE:

                                Moodle is a course management software that some lecturers use to distribute information online. Use your HCHE email address and password for access. The link is on our website on the top and intranet menus.

                                  6. TURNITIN:

                                  This portal is used by many lecturers to check for possible plagiarism. A student uploads their assignment to Turnitin, and then it will check your originality. Some lecturers require you to send them your report, while others will access the site themselves once the due date for the assignment has past.

                                    7. PRINTING & PHOTOCOPYING:

                                    All students are provided with R72.50 printing & photo copy credit per semester. The pages are 80 cents each. Printing is done in the computer Work lab, located in the Information Technology building. Once your R72.50 (per semester credit) is finished, you can purchase more from the Finance Office. Bring your receipt to the ITS Department.

                                    There is a photo copy machine in the Library & in the IT Building. Use your student card to access it. Printing and photo copy credit is linked. Any money loaded on your account can be used for photo copying and/or printing. To check your credit, double click the green icon next to the system clock from any computer in the Lab.