There are numerous functions already happening in SMP. In this case, the two areas you would likely use the most, is the assessment/grading and eLearning options. If you can’t remember your password, reset it on the SMP home page. SMP is an excellent way of also viewing your class list (with email addresses), and even sending messages to your class.

    Follow these steps to create a new assessment

    1. Log in to SMP and select My Courses

    2. Select the course you would like to create the assessment for and select View

    3. Select the Assessments tab. If there are no assessments, click on Options / Add Assessment

    NOTE: Make sure you are in the correct year, by setting the year in the top right of the window.

    4. Under Name type in Final Grade.
    Add a Weighting Percentage. (If you have 1 Assessment and an Exam the percentage could be 25 and 75 respectively) In the case of the image it is just one mark and the weighting is 100
    Select the date range for the semester 

    5. Tick the box to allow for file uploads, if the assessment is done online.

    6. Click on Save

    7. Click on the bottom options button and then you can edit the Assessment or Set Questions or Capture Marks.