Follow these steps for uploading files to a module for your students to access

1. Log in to SMP and select My Courses

2. Select the course you would like to upload a file to

3. Select the Helderberg College Tab
4. Then the e-Learning Tab.
5. Underneath e-Learning tab you can select the Add a chapter.

6. A new dialogue appears to add a chapter.
7. Add a name to the section where you want to upload to
8. You can add a description for further clarification
9. Select Save

10. Inside this Chapter that you have created, you must Add a Page
11. Then give the Page a Title
12. Select Save

13. Note that the Page is not visible
14. Select change to allocate a time when this needs to be visible.

15. Select the time frame
16. Select Save

17. Now select Upload Files

18. Choose Select Files and navigate to the file on your computer that you want to upload.
This can only be done, one file at a time.

19. Once its uploaded, Select Save

20. You will see the file that is now ready for download.
21. Click on Upload Files to add more files

Below is a video on how to setup your e-Learning page: