With the Student Management Portal [SMP], lecturers are able to record student attendance. Using SMP for this purpose is important, as it can keep a permanant record of how many days a student is absent or not. When viewing a student’s record, it can be important to view their history for a better understanding.

Please follow these steps to use the attendance register:

1. Contact the IT Services Department so that they can enable the calendar feature for you. If the Attendance page is blank, then ITS has not activated it yet.

2. Login to SMP, and select the Modules menu.

3. Select and view the class module you wish to use the attendance register with. Then navigate to Helderberg College > Attendance tab

On the attendance tab, you can page through each of the class periods to find the date of your class.

    4. Select the Capture button and the page will be in edit mode. You can now toggle between present or absent by clicking on the icon for each student.

    A GREEN TICK signifies a student being present in class, and a RED CROSS is for absent students.

      5. Once complete, select the Stop Capturing button to switch off edit mode.