Two Step Verification

It is important to use two-step verification or two-step authentication. If your password is compromised, that means the hacker will not be able to access your account without your phone as well.

If you are using two-way verification for Google Apps, then a verification code is SMS’d to your phone, and after entering it, you can then enter your Google account. On phones and tablets, this is usually only done once, but on a laptop or PC, you will be required to add a new code every 30 days. This is not a major problem, as you will be be required to do this every time you login, just every 30 days. In inconvenience is a better option that just relying on keeping your password safe. With so many security compromises, hoaxes, scams and hacks occuring these days, you may never realise your password has been compromised.

Please see the video below on how to setup two-step verification for Gmail:


Two Step Verification or Authentication for other applications:

Two-way authentication adds a second layer of security when you log into certain systems. So it is not only used for Gmail, but if your application does support it, you should use it! Combining an additional verification with your username and another step (usually your cell phone) helps prevent anyone but you from logging in. We highly suggest you activate two-way authentication. When you login to a computer or device you have never logged into before, you will be requested to supply a special verification number, either from your cell phone or Google Authenticator. This means if someone does know your password for some reason, they will still need your cell phone to access your account.