Faculty of Social Sciences & Education


Welcome to an environment which will make you real-world ready and set you apart in every way! In the Faculty of Social Sciences & Education, there are three departments namely: Communication, Psychology and Education. It’s our goal to inspire and help you to reach your own personal and career goals. You will develop a strong work ethic in our faculty. We engage with the world beyond our College, ensuring that our students are fully prepared for the careers they wish to pursue.  You will go on field-trips and listen to inspiring guest speakers. Through engaging in work-based learning, you will be exposed to the actual world of work. In these ways, we lead you to a level of competence which will set you up for employment in the workplace.

Our small classes give you the opportunity to discuss freely, work together with other students and learn from your lecturer – both academically and morally. Our teaching is supported by the latest technology and IT software. By the time you have finished your degree, you can expect to be a competent presenter, a confident counsellor or an excellent teacher.

Within a caring environment, you will be stimulated towards a critical stance and become a more original and creative thinker.

So stick with us, and we’ll make you famous!

You are very welcome to contact me using the contact form below if you have any questions at all. You can download an application form here. If you want to skip all those tedious queues, you can apply online by clicking right here. Excited yet?

We are so looking forward to welcoming you into our family.

Rina Sharp – BEd Honors, HEd
Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences & Education

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